What Is FLR?

Welcome to FLR (Flipped Learning Review) the Flipped Learning 3.0 Magazine. In short, FLR is about 10 Cs and four Us. We’ll get to those in a minute, but first, we should begin by clarifying what FLR is not…

FLR is not:

  • An academic journal – We aim to reach a wider community of readers.
  • A random collection of blog posts – We have a clear editorial point of view, themes for each issue, a cohesive mission, and a  defined destination.
  • A conventional education publication – Expect to find the unexpected.
  • A collection of  “publish or perish” papers.  (You know what we mean.)

FLR is a digital monthly magazine about:

Cultivating and clarifying the conversation around Flipped Learning at the highest levels.

Connecting the voices of the most thoughtful and innovative members of the global Flipped Learning community.

Connecting the dots between the old-school flipped classroom (1.0) and the Flipped Learning occurring in cutting-edge classrooms and universities all around the world. (3.0)

Collaborating globally to model and showcase the possibilities of synergistic collaboration across disciplines, school districts, states, and countries.

Clarifying and critiquing ideas and practices because criticism is the antidote to groupthink and the portal to new possibilities.

Cross-pollinating ideas to create new innovations, next practices, and greater impact.

Celebrating those who are moving Flipped Learning forward.

FLR is the first magazine about the global Flipped Learning movement and the people and ideas that are driving it. It’s the first magazine about the connection between Flipped Learning, active learning, and cultivating world-class learners. FLR is a window into the silos of Flipped Learning practice and a portal looking out at the brave new world of Flipped Learning unfolding around us.  FLR is an UNconventional, UNtradional, UNorthodox hybrid publication committed to being “UN” in every way except UNimaginative.

We look forward to the journey ahead.  We hope you’ll subscribe and join us!

Errol St.Clair Smith