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Out of the Box August 19 / Special / August 14, 2019

— Dan Jones —

We all know that we are stronger together than we are as an individual. And we are encouraged when we can support one another in ways that directly impact student success. Today is a new dawn for the world of Flipped Learning and education in general. Flipped Learning Global Initiative has launched a platform for certified level 1 & 2 flipped educators to post resources that can and will support the success of your students. 

The 3.0 Exchange

The 3.0 Exchange was set in motion by the newly released Global Elements of Effective Flipped Learning. The elements have helped flipped educators understand what best practices need to be included in their instruction. This chart of elements also allows educators to identify areas that were either missing from their instruction or areas that were weak. The 3.0 Exchange now provides flipped educators with a place to search for resources that will strengthen their classes as well as meet more of their students’ needs. 

If you think that the 3.0 Exchange sounds a bit like Teachers Pay Teachers, you would be correct, but there are some drastic differences as well. I have experience sharing instructional resources on TpT, and I have purchased a few items from their site as well. So let’s dive into some of the similarities and differences between the two platforms. 

 3.0 Exchange vs. Teachers Pay Teachers 

If you search Teachers Pay Teachers for Flipped Learning resources, you will find over 18,000 results. The problem is you are getting every lesson that contains the word “flip” or “learning” in its title. With The 3.0 Exchange, every resource is connected to “Flipped Learning;” there is no guessing or time wasted in searching for actual Flipped Learning resources. 

A similarity between the two sites is that the resources are uploaded by educators. Ironically, this is also probably one of the biggest differences between the two sites. The 3.0 Exchange requires that educators who submit resources hold level 1 & 2 certifications from FLGI. This distinction is huge. Because educators selling on The 3.0 Exchange hold these certifications, you know that they are working from a robust understanding of Flipped Learning… guaranteed! The 3.0 Exchange has ensured that you’re getting resources from educators using best practices, as well as current methodology in their resources. Gone are the days of hoping that the resource will align with best practices.

Teachers pay Teachers and The 3.0 Exchange both allow a variety of resources to be uploaded, but The 3.0 Exchange takes things to a whole new level. When looking for a resource on The 3.0 Exchange, you can identify with which elements the resource aligns. If you need to add a specific best practice element into your instruction, The 3.0 Exchange allows you to know if the resource was designed to meet that specific need. Not only are the resources aligned to the GEEFL, but they are also vetted for quality. Think about that for a second. The resources have been evaluated and have met the standard of excellence that FLGI has set for Flipped Learning. They have looked at each resource and determined that it is a quality resource that meets the standard of best practice for Flipped Learning.

Reinventing the wheel

If you are an experienced flipped educator, or you are just getting started, creating flipped lessons from scratch can be overwhelming and time-consuming. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. If someone has created a great resource, such as a Google Slide deck, that aligns with your content area, the ability to purchase that slide deck and use it with your students can provide you with an invaluable time-saving resource that you only have to voice over with Screencastify. The 3.0 Exchange allows certified flipped educators to share their expertise with other flipped educators all over the world. 

I encourage you to check out The 3.0 Exchange. Create an account, and if you are a Certified Level 1 & 2 flipped educator, start helping the global community of flipped instructors by posting resources that can meet the needs of flipped educators and their students everywhere.  For updates on the 3.0 Exchange, join the mailing list

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Dan Jones
Dan Jones Jones
Dan Jones is a middle school social studies teacher at the Richland School of Academic Arts. He earned a BS in Middle Grades Education from Ashland University and a Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from American College of Education. Dan is the author of Flipped 3.0 Project Based Learning: An Insanely Simple Guide. He is a founding member of the FLGI International Faculty and has earned numerous FLGI certifications including the certification Flipped Learning 3.0 Master Class Facilitator Certification Level - I.

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