The New Frontier: Next Practices in Flipped Learning

Teachers and professors on the leading edge of flipped learning have moved far beyond videos There are two exciting developments that point the way to the future of Flipped Learning. Join us for a look at what's coming next.

-Jon Bergmann and Errol St.Clair Smith-

It’s amazing what you see if you look at Flipped learning through the eyes of a few dozen innovators from around the world who are camped out on the very lead edge.   In the last 30 days we talked with  flipped learning innovators in Istanbul, Spain, Australia, Argentina, Taiwan, OmanBrazil, Canada, Hong Kong, Canada, Mexico and the USA.  There’s no way to fully capture or convey the energy,  creativity,  or the myriad things going on in the global flipped community.  Suffice it to say there are a group of practitioners who are living in a parallel universe.  They are discussing this,  planning things and doing things that are far beyond sending videos home with students.

One of the most eye-opening discussions started with Eric Mazur at Harvard University, bounced around our leadership team for a day or two before it crystalized into and an exciting glimpse of where flipped learning may be heading.  It’s a view od what the most advanced Flipped learning practitioners are doing differently.  Based on what we’re hearing we convinced that these next practice in Flipped learning will soon be coming soon to a classroom near you.

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