10 Signs That Scream Your Flipped Classroom Is Outdated

Lead Features April / April 7, 2018

– Staff Writer –

A two-year FLGI survey involving Flipped Learning teachers, classroom visits, interviews with Flipped Learning practitioners, and reviews of Flipped Learning research papers revealed that as many as 80% of veteran Flipped Learning practitioners are three to five years behind current global best practices. How can you tell if your flipped classroom and Flipped Learning knowledge is up to date? Well, here is a 10-point checklist:

This was just a quick list of things to consider.  Watch this column next month for a 10-question quiz that will give your Flipped Learning Currency Score in 30 seconds. See how your score compares to others and get detailed feedback on where you are current and where you are behind.

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This article was written by a collaboration of editors and columnists on the FLR editorial team or guest contributors.

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