Mastering Mastery Learning With Jon Bergmann: Episode #1

Breaking News / Special / September 23, 2019

 – Jon Bergmann –

Over the past seven years,  I’ve traveled 700,000 miles training school leaders and educators on six continents how to use “the operating system for Mastery Learning.” I’ve now returned to the high school science classroom using Mastery Learning to teach my students. I have many of the same feelings, thoughts, and questions I had back in 1987 when I started teaching. But in this new leg of the journey, I will be marrying the best pedagogy with the best technologies and putting into practice everything I’ve learned along the way. I know there will be ups and downs, and I will share my travails and triumphs as I come full circleback to the heart of what it means to be a teacher. I hope you’ll join my new video series. Back 2 School with Jon Bergmann and Mastery Learning.


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on September 30, 2019

Very inspiring John. I am going to share the with our Division of Learning and Growth do we can follow you journey, discoveries and outcomes. On a personal note miss you guys and say hi to Kris!!

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