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 – Terra Graves –

What is The 3.0 Exchange? 

Dan Jones recently introduced us to The 3.0 Exchange. Check it out here if you missed it. This project has just opened for access to the Flipped Learning (FL) community.  The Exchange is akin to Teachers Pay Teachers but solely dedicated to Flipped Learning. There is nowhere else you will find ready-to-go lessons that are aligned to the Global Elements of Effective Flipped Learning. Nowhere else will you find high-quality, peer-reviewed,  FL resources created by FL Level I and Level II certified educators.

My New Review Column

This month I start reviewing the resources on the 3.0 Exchange in my new FLR column.  As the number of resources grows, you may not have the time to look through all of them to find what you need. This column will introduce you to some of the best resources that can help you reduce your planning time, improve your flipped lessons, and take back your weekends.

The 3.0 Exchange  | October

This month, I spotlight two resources from Certified Resources Providers, Dan Jones (K-12) and Tom Mennella (Higher Ed).  


K-12 Resource of the Month

Resource Title and Exchange Link: Research Project Folder Top Secret

Grade Level: 4th and up

Subject | Topic: History/Researching the Validity of Claims 

Price: $5.00

Certified Resource Provider:  Dan Jones

Review:  This is a really fun idea for group space!  Researching the validity of a claim can be a pretty boring topic, but this detective folder will engage students immediately!  While this was created for a history class, a clever teacher can modify this idea to fit any sort of inquiry-based lesson or project.  Dan has included a video tutorial with this resource, so you just have to print out the materials, get a few supplies and press play! “Mission Possible!”

Visit Dan’s store for this resource and more:  https://flglobal.org/exchange/the-flip-side/


Higher Ed Resource of the Month

Resource Title and Exchange Link: Genetics Challenge Questions PowerPoint

Grade Level:  College Sophomore

Subject | Topic:  Genetics

Price: $6.00

Certified Resource Provider: Dr. Tom Mennella

Review:  This ready-to-go slide deck will save you so much time!  If you’ve wanted to bring more critical thinking activities into your Genetics classroom, you will want to get this.  Dr. Tom has created an ENTIRE SEMESTER’s worth of questions that will springboard student discussions. Your group space just got more engaging!  

Visit Dr. Tom’s store for this resource and more: https://flglobal.org/exchange/drtom/



Save Time, Improve Your Flipped Lessons

Flipped Learning certified educators have some amazing lesson plans, group space activities, and resources they use every day in their classrooms. Through the 3.0 Exchange, you can take back your weekends and still be prepared with great flipped lessons on Monday morning.

The Exchange was created to provide the simplest, easiest way to improve your FL practice. Watch this space for developments or add your name to the mailing list to get access to free and newly added Certified Flipped Learning resources as soon as they are posted. Sign up here!

And if you are Level I and Level II certified, you can set up an account on The 3.0 Exchange and share your expertise.  Check it out! https://flglobal.org/exchange/

Terra Graves
Terra Graves
Terra has been an educator for over twenty years. She is the Project Coordinator/Administrator for the 21st Century Learning Department in Washoe County School District, NV. Prior to this position, she taught elementary and middle school, supported novice teachers as a full-time mentor, served as an Ed Tech Specialist, and a Program Specialist in the 21st Century Learning Department. Terra is Flipped Learning 3.0 Level-II Certified and a founding member of the FLGI International Faculty.

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