I’m Heading Back to the Classroom After Seven Years

Heading Back to mastery / Lead Features August 19 / August 19, 2019

— Jon Bergmann —

The year was 1987 and I was afraid. I spent four years preparing for this day, yet in many ways, it was a lifetime. Students were about to walk into Baker Middle School and I hoped I was ready. Had I created an inviting place for students to learn? Was I going to be able to control unruly students? Would my students like me? How would I handle students who came from a different culture? Would I? Could I? These and many more questions buzzed in my head as students walked into my first class. 

Years later I realized my students also had questions. Who is the new teacher? Is he mean? Is he nice? Will he give us too much homework? Will class be fun? And no doubt they were also asking things like, “Does the boy sitting next to me like me? Who will sit with me at lunch? Will I be able to find my locker?” And sadly, some were asking things like, will my father stop hitting my mom, when will I get my next meal, and will I be able to graduate from school?

And so began my teaching career. I stood up and “taught” my students. I cared passionately about their success and devoted myself to them. I came in early and stayed late. I went to their sporting events and set up afterschool basketball games every Tuesday to keep them off the streets and out of gangs. You see, I was a teacher and I wanted to make a difference. And I did. 

My career spanned 32 years. Twenty-four years in the classroom, two years as technology director, and seven years traveling the globe sharing about Flipped Learning. My career has not been like many of my colleagues. And I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Looking back, I see how the diversity of what I have been a part of has shaped me.

My first stint was at an inner-city middle school with amazing students. I then taught at a blue-collar high school with students whose work ethic amazed me. Then off to the suburbs where I worked for 15 years helping to open up a brand new school. Then a stint in the mountains of Colorado at a rural high school where Flipped Learning got its start. Then technology director in an affluent suburb of Chicago. Then I left “teaching” and had the crazy opportunity to travel the world working with teachers, schools, and even governments helping them implement Flipped Learning worldwide.

So what’s next? 

I will be going full circle. I am returning to the daily work of teaching. 

You might ask: why?

Frankly, it comes from a question many of you have asked me over the years“Would you ever return to the classroom?”

And every time, I have replied, “Yes, I could see myself teaching again.” For years I have heard the stories of the impact you are making in the lives of your students and I have felt a tug back to teaching. It was highlighted when I was having dinner with Tom Mennella, Terra Graves, and Peter Santoro at the Future of Educational Technology Conference.  As they shared their stories, I was deeply moved. I realized that I miss the interactions they have every day with students.

This February, my wife and I took a two-week retreat with no email contact, and spent some time intentionally looking at our life vision both individually, and as a couple. As I hiked the nearby trails thinking, praying and reflecting, my life vision to “Reach Every Student” became crystal clear. Not just as a speaker, author, coach, and workshop leader, but on a more individual basis. These past few years I have been reaching teachers so that they can reach students. I have missed reaching students directly. 

So, I am rolling up my sleeves and I will be flipping again. I will be teaching Physics and Earth Science at Houston Christian High School. I am looking forward to practicing what I have been preaching these past 7 years while I have been on the road, and implementing many of the strategies I have learned from you all. I look forward to implementing the Global Elements of Effective Flipped Learning both in my classes and also while helping teachers.

And as I sit here in my new home in Houston, I am gearing up for my first day. I have set up my room for engagement. I have made my introductory videos that hopefully will inspire, I have planned what I think are engaging learning activities, and I have set up my new D2L Brightspace LMS.  I’m ready for mastery learning right?

New chapter, same questions

On the eve of school starting, I find myself asking the questions I did 32 years ago.  Will my students like me? Do I still have what it takes? Will I be able to reach every student?  How will I juggle teaching students and my ongoing work with FLGI, teaching Flipped Learning around the world?  And then I remember that each of my students is also asking similar questions. Will I fit in? What’s up with the new teacher? Can I? Will I? 

So this month I’m starting a new column here on Flipped Learning Review to share with you my travails and triumphs as I come full circle — back to the heart of what it means to be a teacher. I hope you’ll join me.

Jon Bergmann
Jon Bergmann Bergmann
Jon Bergmann is one of the pioneers of the Flipped Classroom Movement. He is leading the worldwide adoption of flipped learning through the Flipped Learning Global Initiative (FLGI) flglobal.org. He is working with governments, schools, corporations, and education non-profits. Jon has coordinated and guided flipped learning projects around the globe. Locations include: China, Taiwan, Korea, Australia, the Middle East, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Canada, South America, and the United States. Jon is the author of nine books including the bestselling book: Flip Your Classroom which has been translated into 13 languages. He is the founder of the global FlipCon conferences which are dynamic engaging events which inspire educators to transform their practice through flipped learning.

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on August 25, 2019

Jon, you have what it takes and more! Your students will like you but I know that you will love them and you will help them to be better people because of that. Your school and students are blessed to have you. Remain open to new learning from all around you!

on August 25, 2019

Good luck! ?

on August 25, 2019

Jones, I for one, cant wait to read the next piece. I totally relate and and deeply curious. People ask me if I would be a Principal again all the time.

on August 25, 2019

Sorry auto correct changed Jon to Jones in my previous comment

on August 25, 2019

Awesome Jon!
Thanks for sharing your journey, it will be fun to follow your adventures this year!

on August 28, 2019

Congratulations, a great challenge!!

on September 9, 2019

Good luck, Jon! Your students are lucky.

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