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Taking the First Three Steps: Preparing to Effectively Flip

-by Dr. Thomas Mennella- In my experience, a major barrier to change is the fear of the unknown. The status...

By Dr. Thomas / February 16, 2019

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So What? How Will This Help Me Teach Better Today?

-by Terra Graves- In January, I gave you my answer to the “so what” question I asked when looking...

By Terra / February 16, 2019

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Finding the Time: Yes, You Can

-by Dan Jones- For many years, I complained that I didn’t have enough time to get everything done...

By Dan / February 16, 2019

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MY BAD - 24 Educators Who Messed Up, Fessed Up, and Grew

-by Dan Jones- Rarely has there been a book that speaks to the heart of educators without telling them...

By Dan / February 16, 2019

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Is Your Classroom Really Working? Five Pivotal Elements

-by Dan Jones- I was a traditional teacher for eight years. I had a fun classroom, students were engaged,...

By Dan / February 16, 2019

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Solving the Challenges of Moving from Passive to Active Learning

-Errol St.Clair Smith- If you’ve been in a flipped classroom for 10 minutes, you can likely list 10 challenges...

By Errol St.Clair / February 16, 2019

Cover Story: Overcoming the Biggest Barrier to Flipped Learning

The barriers to Flipped Learning come in many shapes sizes and colors. Like the air that surrounds us, they are everywhere, but they can still be hard to see. In one wicked example, an ingredient that makes Flipped Learning possible may be the villain that blocks your school’s success with Flipped Learning found...
Flipping Higher Ed
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A Control Freak's Guide to Shifting from Teaching to Learning

-by Dr. Thomas Mennella- Ah, control… We all crave it, relish it, and appreciate it. Yes, there are those among us who deserve the moniker “control-freak,”...

By Dr. Thomas / February 16, 2019

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Top 10 Must Read Research Papers in February

-by Jon Bergmann- This month’s #1 study in the top 10 is one that those of you doing Flipped Learning research absolutely must read. FLGI Research Fellow Dr. Gwo-Jen...

By Jon / February 16, 2019

Flipped Learning 1.0 versus Flipped Learning 3.0

We've entered a new era of Flipped Learning. To fully understand the stark differences between the original flipped classroom model and Flipped Learning 3.0 get your free subscription to Flipped Learning Review.
Flipping Outside of the Box
Insights from Beyond the Silos of Flipped Practice
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Three Reasons to Flip Your Class Even If You Don't Want To

- Dr. Thomas Mennella - In my other articles for this month’s issue of FLR, I highlight some of the most common challenges that professors encounter when flipping...

By Dr. Thomas / February 15, 2019

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Should We Really Hide All of Our Negative Emotions at School?

Social-Emotional Support (SES) Teachers need social-emotional support, too. FLGI surveys suggest that one of the biggest barriers to teachers migrating from traditional passive...

By Editorial Team / February 14, 2019

Letting Go: Shifting Your Attention from Teaching to Learning

Ah, control… We all crave it, relish it, and appreciate it. Yes, there are those among us who deserve the moniker “control-freak,” but they merely crave, relish and appreciate control a bit more than the rest of us. Be honest: what professor has ever said, “You know, I’ll just ride the wave of this semester and let it take me wherever it wants”?

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A Roadmap for New School Administrators

I’ve been involved with FLGI now for about a year (though it seems longer). I’ve earned all of the certifications that FLGI offers, been active as an International Faculty member through my writing for FLR and presenting at ISTE and FETC. The learning and collaboration I have experienced through FLGI have been the most meaningful professional learning I have ever known.  

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